Unless otherwise stated back our tips to Win in Singles, “ew” indicates an each way tip.

Many followers back our tips each way and in multiples, it is your choice.

All our stats are based on win and singles unless otherwise stated in the tip

Unless otherwise stated we recommend you bet Level stakes one point per selection

A point is our staking suggestion. A point can be equal to any amount you want, it all depends how much you want to stake. If your usual bet is £10 to win then 1 point would be a £10 stake to you. When we suggest a bet of 3 points we are advising that you stake £30. If your usual bet is £5 to win then 1 point would be a £5 stake to you. When we suggest a bet of 3 points we are advising that you stake £15.

This is short for Best Odds Guaranteed. Most online bookies offer BOG so if you take a price and the starting price it greater than the price you took, your bet is settled using the starting price (SP)

A Rule 4 is an industry standard deduction that is made on a horse when there is a non-runner/withdrawal in a race after you have taken a fixed odds price.

The amounts deducted are set by Rule 4, which is laid down by the Tattersalls Committee. See the table below.

Deductions are taken from bets where a price has been taken (bet at fixed odds) which have been placed prior to the withdrawal of the horse.

For example, if you placed a £10 to win bet on a horse and taken odds at 16-1 with William Hills, then after placing your bet 2 horses are withdrawn, to work out your rule 4 deduction you need to know the price that the 2 horse were trading with William Hills (the same bookie that you placed your bet with) before they were withdrawn. For this example assume one of the withdrawn horses was trading at 12-1 and the other at 7-1. Use the table below to see 12-1 equates to a 5p deduction and the 7-1 equates to a 10p deduction. Making a total rule 4 of 15p (5p+10p) in the pound deduction.

So instead of your bet returning £170 (including £10 stake), £160 profit, with the 15p rule 4 it now returns £146 (including £10 stake) £136 profit.

Workings for above example:

£10 win bet, taking price of 16-1

2 horses withdrawn after you have placed your bet

One horse trading at 12-1 (5p deduction)

Second horse trading at 7-1 (10p deduction)

Making a total Rule 4 deduction of 15p in the pound

£10 at 16/1 = £160 profit on the bet.

Deduct £24 from the winnings part of the bet (£160 x 15p)

The bet now wins £136

Then add on your original stake of £10

Total Returns would be £146 making a profit on the bet of £136


This would apply even if the market had been reformed and a new price given to your horse because you have placed your bet at fixed odds.

Any bets made after the horses had been withdrawn and the market has been reformed are not subject to a rule 4 deduction.

When a horse is withdrawn just before a race and there is insufficient time to form a new market, for example a horse won’t go into the stalls or gets loose, a deduction is made from all winnings for bets placed at Starting Price plus those bets where a price has been taken.

The rule 4 deduction may vary from bookie to bookie as it depends on the price the withdrawn horse was trading at with the bookie when the bet was placed with, and these prices may be different with different bookies.

Rule 4 Deductions Table

Odds/Price of horse when withdrawn Pence in the £
3-10 or shorter = 75p
2-5 to 1-3 = 70p
8-15 to 4-9 = 65p
4-5 to 4-6 = 55p
20-21 to 5-6 = 50p
Evens to 6-5 = 45p
5-4 to 6-4 = 40p
13-8 to 7-4 = 35p
15-8 to 9-4 = 30p
5-2 to 3-1 = 25p
10-3 to 4-1 = 20p
9-2 to 11-2 = 15p
6-1 to 9-1 = 10p
10-1 to 14-1 = 5p
Over 14-1 No deductions

Tips will start coming through from 8:30am. There is no set time as to when tips will be advised. This is because Simon’s Tip’s takes into account many different factors and conditions.
The times that the tips are posted and the number will vary from day to day.
Also see How do you pick your tips

When we give a tip we also let you know which of the big 4 bookmakers (William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred) is offering the best odds at the time the tip is advised. However you may find you can get better odds with another bookmaker. We just quote the big 4 for our horse racing tips.

We strongly recommend that you back our tips at the advised odds or greater and don’t take SP (starting Price) this will ensure you maximise your profits.

The odds we quote are taken from the bookmakers websites. You may occasionally find the odds in the bookmakers shops differ slightly or as is sometimes the case especially with William Hill early in the morning, the shops haven’t got odds available for some of the races.

No. we mainly tip horses and Football but occasionally we will tip other sports bets too

We are totally transparent, we list all our tips with advised prices so you can see where our profits have come from where as many tipping services:

  • Don’t List all their tips, some just tell you about their winners
  • Don’t Give advised odds of tip, hence you can’t calculate profit/loss figures
  • Don’t Take Rule 4 Deductions from profits
  • Class a winning day as having tipped a winner or place, while still making a loss on the day
  • Ask you to sign up/register with them to be able to see their free tips, this is usually a sign that they just want your email and other details to sell on to third parties

No. This is because the only reputable verification services use the SP odds to calculate profit/loss and we recommend that you don’t take SP. The best verification service is yourself, you can see our tips in advance before the event. Keep a track of your bets and see how much profit you make. At the end of the day the proof will be in your betting bank balance, so only you are in the best place verify our tips that you choose to back

No. Just back what you can when it suits you, if you miss a winner that doesn’t matter because over time it will be equalled out with losers that you miss.

Too many times people get carried away with strike rate. Strike rate is irrelevant if price does not also come into the equation.
A strike rate of 50% might seem impressive, but if it is achieved with horses at prices less than evens, you will lose money, because you are not getting value.

If you consistently back horses with a 50% chance of winning, but always back at odds better than evens, you will make a profit, because you are getting value.

We tip horses that represent value, that is, the odds are higher than they should be, given the probability that the horse will win.

Hence we don’t see the need to quote our strike rate. The key measure is Return On Investment (ROI)

We recommend that you open accounts with as many bookies as you can, so you can shop around and get the best price/odds. This will ensure you maximize your profits.

Not got an account?  We have a great selection of Free Bets available from the top bookies. Bookmakers are offering our followers FREE BETS, click on the links from our website using the links on their banners below to open accounts with them and receive their special offers

We get information from a variety of different sources and then process that information in our own unique way. The information can arrive at random times throughout the day hence we can’t say what time our tips will be published. For the same reason we cannot say if we will be giving tips for a particular race or meeting, or if there will be any more tips that day.

It is common practice for bookies to restrict or close betting accounts, even if you are losing with them. It is usually a decision made by their traders, you need to take it up with the bookie in question and occasionally they will review the decision. If they don’t remove the restriction we recommend that you open another account with another bookie see our Free Bets page to get the best current offers for new accounts.

When we tip a horse we quote the odds available at the time we tip. Sometimes this price is then cut by the bookies. We have no control over when bookies cut the price. Sometimes the price shortens very fast other times the price is still available for sometime after we publish our tip. We recommend that you back our tips as soon as you can to help ensure you get the best price and hence maximise your profit.

Due to the nature of how we pick our tips it is not always possible to say if we will be tipping any more that day.
The times that the tips are posted and the number will vary from day to day.
Also see How do you pick your tips

As all our followers need betting accounts to back our selections we promote special offers that will help them make their betting as profitable as possible. We only promote offers that in our view will benefit our followers. We appreciate that our followers have varied needs/wants so not all promotions will suit all our followers.
On some promotions we may receive commissions, this helps us keep our tipping service free. The alternative would be to have a subscription based service. Tweeting the tips and running the website takes time and money!


Due to the nature of how we pick our tips it is not always possible to commit to provide tips for a particular race or meeting see How do you pick your tips

Yes we do

We don’t post betting slips to prove we do or to prove the price was there for the tips, for 2 reasons:

1) it would be time consuming, this is a free service.

2) most of our bets are put on in the shops. It is already difficult enough for us to get bets on so we don’t want to draw anymore attention to ourselves by posting our slips on the web.

It is your choice to follow us, if you don’t believe us, don’t follow us!

Also see: Do you use a tipping verification service? & The odds are shorter than what was quoted

Should I cash out my bet? Should I lay off my bet?
The mathematical answer is no, don’t cash out or lay off your bet because you will lose value or you may not get fair value on the cash out option. But we are emotional human beings, if the amount of money on offer is significant to you then cashing out or laying off may be the correct decision for you. It is your choice.

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